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Data Centres

Dedicated Data Centre expertise

​​Big deals from major players, new economic and regulatory policy as well as strategic cloud adoption are changing the game for data centres – from pricing models to location selection tactics, and everything in between.

We have long-established capability in the data centre sector, and we're investing further. Our data centres team know the Asia Pacific market inside out. Data centres. Disaster recovery sites. Call centres. Trading floors. Wherever you store your data, we know it's crucial to your success. We get the practical and the technical. Whether you are looking to buy or build, or just need some advice; we supply the back-up.



​​​​Retail Citi​es in
Asia Pacific

View the latest market data on 12 key ret​​ail ci​​​ties​ in Asia Pacific, along with feature stories on what’s moving and shaking the retail sector.

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Asia Paci​fic Retail Index

Track ​the rental performance of prime retail spac​e across 20 major markets in the Asia Pacific region​

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Asia Pacific Property Digest 3Q 2016

Domestic demand buffers heightened uncertainty​

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Mumbai Retail Dossier

Mumbai Retail Dossier

Details on market movements in the city's key retail real estate clusters

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