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Project & Development Services

Why do you need a project manager?

​​​​​​​​Managing real estate is growing riskier than ever, and hotel developers need someone who can represent their interests in complex projects. Jones Lang LaSalle's project managers and construction experts reveal how they help clients manage their projects from design through construction and occupancy.

No other service provider has a comparable bench of professionals or the best practices, process controls and experience that can be put to work to address your hotel project management needs. You gain instant access to a team selected specifically to meet your objectives, which comes armed with expertise in interior build-out, move management, commercial real estate operations, occupancy planning, engineering, architecture and construction. The team’s collaborative approach is managed by a dedicated project manager who serves as your single point of contact and accountability.

We manage the design and construction of complex hospitality real estate projects from beginning to end, handling every detail so you don’t have to. Experience more than on time, on budget and a 100% ROI. Focus on what you do best. We’ll focus on customizing innovative business solutions to transform your vision into a reality.

Whatever the scope, we’ll work with you to set measurable goals and then achieve them. Together.