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Our Consulting Services

Helping you make informed development choices

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Real estate market analysis and assessment

Drawing on JLL’s direct market experience and comprehensive research we help you understand the changing market conditions and their implications for development and investment

Development feasibility studies

Validating development proposals and testing alternatives to help you decide the most appropriate scale, form and timing of development

Financial analysis and risk assessment

Exploring and analysing the financial costs and returns, cash flow considerations and risk factors which impact project viability

Development and marketing strategies

Helping assess your development options and roles to best achieve your objectives, including short or long term exit strategies, involvement of development partners or Joint Ventures, and phasing

Development positioning

Identifying your target market segments, analysing their current and future needs to help ensure your project is optimally positioned

Design review

Advising on the layout, finishes, specifications and services from a financial, marketing and operational perspective

Development management

Acting as your representative to coordinate and administer the project, from inception to occupation, ensuring you are in a position to make fully informed decisions throughout

Advice on development agreements and joint ventures

Assistance in procuring development or JV partners, including managing the bidding and selection process and providing independent analysis and advice on the documentation

Portfolio reviews and asset strategies

Working with corporates and government to help secure the best from real estate portfolios

Real estate business strategies

Exploring​ options and preparing business plans to expand your real estate business into new areas, geographies, segments or services

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