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New CBDs & Finance Centres

Helping cities excel on the global stage

​​​​​​​​Many cities aspire to be international finance centres, seeking to attract global banks, professional services and other forms of capital. Others pursue roles of regional significance by building modern and efficient business districts.

Through our 10 year World Winning Cities research program, JLL’s consultants have an in-depth understanding that can help cities compete on the regional and global stage. At the same time JLL’s market activities enable us to directly understand the needs and expectations of businesses and what influences their location choices and growth plans. Our team can provide support in the following areas that influence a city or a district’s ability to attract business

  • Regulatory context
  • Business environment
  • Access to professional staff
  • Availability and quality of accommodation and support services
  • Accessibility, efficiency and quality of life
  • Our consultants work with cities, government agencies and developers to create positioning strategies for financial centres and business districts, drawing on experience from our work with:

    • International centres such as: Canary Wharf, London; World Trade Centre, New York; and King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh
    • Financial centres and new business districts across Asia Pacific such as:
      • China: Chengdu Financial City, and new CBDs in Zhengzhou, Nanjing and Wuhan
      • Australia: Barangaroo in Sydney and Melbourne Docklands
      • India: Gurgaon and Delhi Metropolitan areas
      • Sri Lanka: Colombo Port City


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