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Investors & Developers

Together, we help you maximize the value of your real estate assets through the investment life cycle.


We are a strategic partner focusing on enhancing the value of your assets and together, we help you get the most of your investments.

We see real estate differently. We see the unique needs and challe​nges of each investor, developer, business and property we manage as an opportunity to drive real value for an entire organization. Whether reducing costs or creating efficiencies, we impact more than your real estate—we impact your business. Our team of sales, leasing, financing and property management experts know that speed and responsiveness are critical to your business. With rapid and efficient due diligence, and nimble people and processes, we help you align asset performance with your investment objectives, taking the time to understand your investment philosophy so we can quickly respond to shifting markets—better balancing risk and return every step of the way.

  • Capital Markets

    Whether your investment strategy calls for buying, selling or financing, we’ll provide a capital solution that maximizes both value and returns

  • Corporate Finance

    You’ll make better financial decisions—and create shareholder value—when we advise on the ramifications of owning, leasing, selling or refinancing assets.

  • Consulting

    We’ll help you reduce risk and enhance the success of your real estate developments.

  • Energy & Sustainability

    We make property more sustainable, reduce energy use and lower operating costs.

  • Property & Asset Management

    We work to deliver higher returns by reducing operating costs and enhancing the value of your premium property.

  • Hotels & Hospitality

    We design and execute investment strategies that produce consistent, market-leading returns throughout the life cycle of your hospitality asset

  • Office Leasing

    Commercial property leasing focused on forging long-term tenant relationships

  • Valuation & Advisory

    We provide expert, impartial valuation and appraisal services across Asia Pacific