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Corporate Capital Markets

Make the best use of corporate capital by optimizing your real estate holdings

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We begin by analyzing the bottom-line impact of owning, leasing, selling or financing corporate real estate assets. We can then recommend, structure and execute transactions that better align your occupancy strategy with your business and financial goals, and reduce your overall real estate costs.

Our team provides d​iverse property expertise and in-depth knowledge of accounting, taxation and holding structures to help you improve flexibility, optimize capital structures and increase shareholder value.

Our value add

  • More than 800 global experts on staff
  • USD 63 billion in capital markets transactions closed in 2012​​​

News and research



JLL Appoints Head of Corporate Finance in Greater China/asia-pacific/en-gb/news/348/jll-appoints-head-of-corporate-finance-in-greater-chinaJLL Appoints Head of Corporate Finance in Greater ChinaEddie Yeh has 18 years’ experience in real estate banking and finance 0x0100E81015D9D08198458B498FF948D658F90052B0972AFC77B94093C478C1B5B47C88
Dr Megan Walters Named Head of Research for Asia Pacific at JLL /asia-pacific/en-gb/news/347/dr-megan-walters-named-head-of-research-for-asia-pacific-at-jllDr Megan Walters Named Head of Research for Asia Pacific at JLL Succeeds Dr Jane Murray, who is leaving the firm after 18 years 0x0100E81015D9D08198458B498FF948D658F90052B0972AFC77B94093C478C1B5B47C88



Currency volatility and real estate returns/asia-pacific/en-gb/research/800/apcm-currencyreport-sep2016Currency volatility and real estate returnsHow will future movements in key currencies affect total returns for cross-border investors into office markets across Asia Pacific, Europe and the US? Find out in JLL's currency volatility and real estate returns report. 0x01010063443623C9F9004FA21AA8EABD6132C80096456DD4F4AF204EB9DD2C24B361B045
Hong Kong Residential Sales Market - Sep 2016/hong-kong/en-gb/research/254/residential-market-2016-09Hong Kong Residential Sales Market - Sep 2016New residential launches continue to draw eager interest on the back of a strong land sales market.0x01010063443623C9F9004FA21AA8EABD6132C80096456DD4F4AF204EB9DD2C24B361B045

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