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Hong Kong Economic Monitor - February 2019/hong-kong/en-gb/research/405/economic-monitor-2019-02Hong Kong Economic Monitor - February 2019Certain retailers are benefitting from the surge in the number of mainland Chinese day-trippers arriving via the new cross-border links.
Hong Kong Economic Monitor - January 2019/hong-kong/en-gb/research/401/economic-monitor-2019-01Hong Kong Economic Monitor - January 2019With the anticipation of economic slowdown in Hong Kong, the capital value of the city’s Grade A offices is likely to fall, in tandem with the transaction volume in commercial real estate.
Hong Kong Economic Insight - January 2019/hong-kong/en-gb/research/400/jan-2019-hk-economic-insight-quarterlyHong Kong Economic Insight - January 2019Why are rising house prices a by-product of land sales?