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Tokyo on the World Stage

Tokyo is a clear ‘Super City’ as the world’s largest urban economy. Momentum is steadily building and the city has a newfound energy, aided by ‘Abenomics’ policies and lifted by securing the 2020 Olympic Games. But growth, while important, is only part of what makes a modern city successful. Competitiveness revolve around a new language of attributes such as liveability, transparency, resilience and global fluency. Add to this unprecedented social change and the demand for smart cities, and it is clear that the urban agenda has radically changed.

Against this backdrop, the evolution of Tokyo and its real estate market over the next decade holds an intriguing mixture of vast promise and perplexing challenge. Not only are the Olympics set to give a huge boost to the city and its international reputation, but to meet its own aspirations of improving its world position, Tokyo may have to absorb a number of significant changes to its fabric and lifestyle, and even to its personality.

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