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Offices 2020 City Report - Hong Kong: Uncharted Territory

Preparing for changing trends today

Forming part of a suite of Office 2020 reports on six Asian cities, the Report you are holding will seek to answer ‘where next for Hong Kong?’

Themed around six specific questions, we discussed with key industry leaders in each city, how the big picture will shape the offices landscape to 2020 This report is not about predictions – it is about building the best possible assumptions about the future and identifying a variety of opportunities based on those conversations.

Our aim is to help you start the conversation now to support your decision making today and enable your business to outperform in the future.

We believe our Offices 2020 initiative is : ‘foresight with a purpose’. The philosophy behind our investment in thought leadership is captured nicely by the old Chinese proverb:

Those who do not worry about the future will soon have worries about the present

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