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 Research reports



Osaka to Host World Expo 2025/asia-pacific/en-gb/research/1003/20190213-osakakansaiexpo2025-enOsaka to Host World Expo 2025Impact on the Osaka Real Estate Market and Establishment of the Global City Brand
Hong Kong Property Market Monitor - February 2019/hong-kong/en-gb/research/406/2019-property-market-monitor-hkg-feb-2019Hong Kong Property Market Monitor - February 2019Fading demand for office space in Hong Kong led to the Grade A office occupier market contracting for the third consecutive month in January.
The Office Index 4Q 2018/asia-pacific/en-gb/research/999/the-office-index-4q-2018The Office Index 4Q 2018Solid performance in Asia Pacific leasing markets
The Residential Index 4Q 2018/asia-pacific/en-gb/research/1000/the-residential-index-4q-2018The Residential Index 4Q 2018Mixed signals from residential markets
The Retail Index 4Q 2018/asia-pacific/en-gb/research/1001/the-retail-index-4q-2018The Retail Index 4Q 2018Experience-oriented operators further expand
Asia Pacific Property Digest - 4Q 2018/asia-pacific/en-gb/research/1002/asia-pacific-property-digest-4q-2018Asia Pacific Property Digest - 4Q 2018Staying on course - Asia Pacific a key driver of global growth

Finance sector opening-up to bring new opportunities to Shanghai