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Has London done enough?

Jones Lang LaSalle research assesses London’s development

Singapore, 30 July 2012 - Jones Lang LaSalle has unveiled a research paper entitled Gold, Silver, Bronze, which rates London’s development and regeneration in relation to other major international schemes.

Commenting on the research, Sophie Walker, director in Jones Lang LaSalle’s Energy and Sustainability Services team, said: “Jones Lang LaSalle’s approach certainly recognises the importance of rating systems for crafting sustainable cities. However, these systems are no substitute for a holistic vision set over 20-30 years with a strategic plan to make that vision a reality. On the back of our work with global developers and city authorities, as well as our research partnerships with Carbon Disclosure Project for Cities, Jones Lang LaSalle has identified eight Catalysts for Sustainable Neighbourhood Development. These include aspects like setting a strong vision, as Amsterdam’s Park 20/20 has done; establishing an effective and transparent governance structure, like Sydney’s Barangaroo district redevelopment; and fostering a culture of innovation, as Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay with its amazing “supertrees” has done.”

Sophie Walker continued: “When measured against two of our catalysts, those of setting meaningful targets and communicating transparently, the London Olympics Games is a world class example.  They have reported publicly across all development phases and as responsibility passes from different bodies, and they have established the fantastic Learning Legacy website for the industry. For example, we know that the Olympic Delivery Authority has exceeded by 17% its target to deliver 50% of materials by rail or water and missed its target of 50% fewer carbon emissions and is instead offsetting by putting over £1m into energy efficiency for nearby homes and schools.  We get to understand what worked well and where the challenges were.”

Katie Kopec, head of Development Consulting at Jones Lang LaSalle, added: “London performs exceedingly well against our framework when compared to other international large scale development and regeneration projects and awards the city six gold medals. What is particularly striking is the consistency and follow-through that the project has had from setting a vision, to breaking it down into specific targets, to delivering on those targets and finally ensuring that a review process and feedback loop was in place to evaluate and learn from what was achieved.”
Katie Kopec added: “We acknowledge that, with the Games still taking place, a more reliable evaluation can only be made with hindsight and as such our analysis is made based on outcomes documented to date.  However, we believe that our framework offers a starting point for an insightful critique into what we consider to be some of the key successes and short-comings of the Games as a large scale regeneration project.  There can be no doubt that London will deliver the greenest Games in history.”
Katie concluded: “London has set a new bar and brought previously challenging practices into the industry. Having now reviewed development and regeneration both in the UK and internationally Jones Lang LaSalle considers that the learning legacy is unmatched.”​