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Case Study

Successful building improvements contributed to a better financial position for Onshine Group’s Entertainment Building at 30 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong.

Our Client’s Situation

One of the jobs of a property management company is to proactively suggest new ways regarding plausible improvements that can be made to its clients’ properties.

Our client, Onshine Group, had been using another property management company previously for different properties. It had been brought to our client’s attention that building expenditures in the past had been escalating. The inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of this other property management company’s various approaches were causing both the financial prospect and image of Entertainment Building to dwindle. Clearly, there was lack of initiative shown in building improvement programmes as well as implementations.

Our Partnership

Jones Lang LaSalle was appointed to manage the Entertainment Building at 30 Queens Road, Central only within a few months after taking over Knutsford 10, which also belongs to our client. Financially, we unlocked the value of the Entertainment Building portfolio through the development of enhanced revenue streams and by minimising operation costs. We helped review the level of building specification service charge and value-added services by using quantitative analysis to upgrade the image of the building. Other improvements were also made, such as in the area of sustainability by installing energy saving lightings.

Their Results

The Entertainment Building under Jones Lang LaSalle’s management strives for excellence, and thus, a sounder image has been built for them. Onshine Group is very satisfied with our upbeat and practical approach in regards to building improvement plans. The client recently began to realise that we can do so much to help improve the buildings. In the area of sustainability, for instance, we assisted the client in saving HKD 190,000 annually. This will, in turn, improve the company’s balance sheets and thus have a direct impact on the investment value of its buildings

"We are so grateful that Jones Lang LaSalle has put in extra efforts in identifying aspects of cost control and new revenue streams, the provision of a comprehensive and transparent reporting system as well as environmental awareness and protection. All of these have since been picking up and even out bidding the ongoing market trend."

Esther Leung
Senior Manager – Property and Leasing Department                Onshine Holdings Ltd

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