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Case Study

Maximised Savings

Following the acquisition of a new business, Y&R Communications needed to consolidate their office premises into a single location and extend their space to allow for current and future growth.  Their new space had to address issues such as accommodation cost, branding and lease flexibility.

The need to deliver a solution prior to the integration of the two businesses meant Y&R had a very tight timeframe to work to. They called in Jones Lang LaSalle’s Tenant Representation team to help them find the right space.

Jones Lang LaSalle undertook a search of the market and identified all the available options for Y&R, advising on key commercial terms and prevailing market conditions.  This included an approach to all the tenants in the existing premises. An opportunity for expansion within the current building was identified and Y&R was able to consider this for their ongoing operational requirements.

Jones Lang LaSalle then worked closely with the head landlord and the assignor to secure additional accommodation within the building, under a separate lease for flexibility but with coterminous expiry. Y&R’s existing lease (including signage) was restructured to facilitate an incentive which enabled Y&R to refit their accommodation at minimal cost.

“Our overriding goal throughout this project was to optimise cost savings. Jones Lang LaSalle clearly understood our business drivers and worked hard to achieve our goals through an understanding of the local market and strong negotiation skills. Once again, they have recognised our needs as a business and supported us in making the right decision.”

Melissa Hill
Finance Director

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