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Case Study

126 Units at SOHO Residence All Sold Out

Developer: Tak Nang – Sociedade de Investimento E Desenvolvimento, Lda.
Our role: Sole Sales and Marketing Consultant

Soho Residence-exteriorComprising 27 floors with a total of 126 units ranging in size from 591 to 743 sq ft, Soho Residence is the latest single-block deluxe apartment building in Macau.  Thanks to its uniqueness, a building featuring small domestic units but with superb facilities, SOHO Residence aroused the interest from end-users, investors and even overseas funds.

As the sole sales and marketing consultant for SOHO Residence, we advised the developer to conduct a VIP sale in mid-March to first test the market’s response to the project.  Seeing the good results of the VIP sale, we suggested the client to launch the project to the public on 12 and 13 April to ride on the market’s robust sentiment, which resulted in a sold-out of the total 126 units.

To arouse the most market attention, we invited one of Hong Kong’s famous actresses Fala Chan as the event’s honourable guest to hold the opening ceremony.  The successful sale of the 126 units fetched a total value of over HKD 350 million, with some of the units being sold at about HKD 5,200 per sq ft, a record unit price within the district.Soho Residence-launch opening ceremony

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