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Case Study

Law Firm - Tokyo Office

A professional law firm from Tokyo was seeking an office reconfiguration to optimize space utilization by incorporating additional private spaces and meeting rooms for its partners and associates. Proving that achieving workspace efficiency with comfort need not always come at a costly investment or compromise the quality of outcomes, Jones Lang LaSalle utilized technological advancement and procurement power to deliver superior results and value to the client.

Aside from delivering on physical finishes, a holistic approach was important to ensure that client benefits from a low-maintenance and energy-efficient solution; we implemented individual room temperature control for the company’s 30 private offices, 7 meeting rooms, and general office area. This technical challenge was further magnified as the original budget did not fully cover the required high heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) specifications. The conventional method of installing individual air-conditioning units was not feasible as it would exceed the original budget by JPY 100 million and require replacement of the ceiling, which will further delay the completion date.
After assessing the budget and construction timeline constraints, a less-costly solution of installing variable air volume (VAV) valves to each office as a value engineering (VE) option was proposed. The cost was still far over the budget even with this option, thus the team utilized its procurement capabilities to negotiate the desired cost with the contractor. 

With an understanding of the business advantages that our client will reap through an earlier business uptime, the building contractor was persuaded to deliver outside of normal construction practices by carrying out works concurrently together with the client’s designated contractor. The end result was a reduced construction period by two weeks and further cost savings for the client.


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