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Case Study

Microsoft - Tokyo Office

Microsoft, a long-standing client of Jones Lang LaSalle, required a strategic solution to optimize the utilization of its workspace and provide flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. 
Spread over four locations in Tokyo (Shinjuku, Akasaka, Daitabashi, and Chofu), this large re-stack and move management exercise aims to achieve the following:
• Explore the option of implementing ”free-address” office area for Microsoft’s largest business unit and replicating it across other business units.
• Disperse headcount density across all locations to freeing up space in the headquarters for the firm’s largest business unit and create additional meeting rooms.
• Enhance the work environment and productivity by fostering staff engagement and greater communications by upgrading the AV system and staff refreshment area.

With a headcount of 2,000 in the Shinjuku headquarters alone, it was critical to apply a stringent and continuous approach to manage project risks and financial outcomes while ensuring minimal disruption to daily business operations.

Working closely with multiple stakeholders – such as business leaders, human resources, the moving committee, and the facility manager – the team was able to accommodate and implement rapid changes and re-prioritization to the brief as they occurred, reacting efficiently and independently in order to adequately manage risks. 

The team worked closely in tandem with the landlord and the building’s designated contractors to ensure that the final product reflects the desired quality and value on investment that adheres to Microsoft’s global corporate standards.

Leveraging our in-depth understanding of the client’s overall business objectives and our technical expertise enabled us to deliver a solution that clearly meets it’s the client’s objectives.  The result was a dynamic, efficient, and flexible workspace that met the client’s short to medium-term space requirements within a tight timeframe, on budget, and with minimal disruption to the client’s business.


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