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Case Study

Delivering real value solutions for Gore’s new space requirement

Founded in 1958, GORE is recognised as one of the leading providers of fluoropolymer products in the world. As part of its expansion plans, the company needed a 750 sqm (net) of new space in Shanghai. Requirements for the space include having a single-floor structure and presence of a good traffic flow for truck movement and regular deliveries.

Banking on Jones Lang LaSalle’s expertise, Gore turned to us to identify and negotiate on its behalf the best location for them. Our firm did a comprehensive search in Shanghai and identified several suitable options in Pudong New Area. And because of our Business Park team’s experience and market knowledge, we were also able to advise on soft issues such as individual landlord’s tendencies and negotiation methods.

A 750-sqm (net) single, open floor space in the City of Elite development in JinQiao was successfully identified and subsequently leased to Gore—proving once again our capability to deliver real value and positive results for our clients.

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