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Case Study

Delivering real value for UBS’ Hyderabad campus

As one of the world’s leading financial firms and a top global wealth manager, UBS provides complete and customised banking and security services to investors worldwide. The company has presence in more than 50 countries and employs more than 80,000 people. Banking on Jones Lang LaSalle’s ability to deliver real value, UBS turned to us for building of its back-office operation in Hyderabad to accommodate 3,500 staff.

We drafted the strategy and executed the plan that calls for a development that was scalable and could expand up to 350,000 sq ft within five years. We likewise proposed an exclusive campus-style development that was in line with UBS’ branding and identified the best location that has a flexible lease option. Our goal for this assignment was to complete Phase I of the development within a 12-month period.

Phase I of the built-to-suit campus was delivered in just nine months, surpassing client expectations. Other benefits for UBS include a flexible exit option through land sale and short-term savings of a hefty USD 1.1 million. This assignment is just one instance of our firm truly delivering real value to our clients!

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