Titien Irvianty, Operations Manager, Marketing and Communications, Asia  Pacific

Ask anyone in our region about company merchandise, costs, or event  planning tips, and chances are they will lead you to the same person – Titien  Irvianty, our regional Operations Manager.

Often described by  team members as the ‘Mum’ of the office, she can be spotted crunching marketing  budgets, creating design mockups for an event launch, or on a call with colleagues  and vendors coming up with merchandise ideas and costings . She does her job so  well, one may think she's been in this industry for many years.

In fact, she’s only  been with JLL for two years, but attributes her quick growth to the  opportunities she’s had here. “I joined as a 6-month contract staff and came  from the equestrian field, so naturally I was quite nervous about not being  able to contribute well at first. But I’ve been very fortunate to work under  encouraging line managers and to be involved in key projects right from the  start.”


When Titien joined our Marketing team, her main responsibilities were to help out with event planning. This involved conceptualizing, planning, and making sure there was coordination of resources across the event. Along the way, to help visualize the many event ideas, she picked up her Photoshop skill, got her creative juices flowing, and started mocking away!

“This is what makes JLL special. The people here are appreciative of possibilities and encourage bringing an innovative mindset to work every day. In turn, this gives me a real sense of ownership of my work and the liberty to come up with ideas and solutions.”

Eventually, her can-do spirit paid off. When there was a re-organizing of the team, Titien’s line manager created her current role for her, assigning her responsibilities that she enjoyed doing and excelled at. She was also given the chance earlier this year to oversee the region-wide logistics for our brand refresh launch campaign, a pivotal point of JLL’s history.

“The brand refresh campaign showed me what it means to be part of an entrepreneurial team. Events like these tend to come with stress, changes, and tight deadlines, but watching everything come to fruition along with the collaboration from colleagues across the region – that was a very significant moment to me,” says Titien, regarding it as the most meaningful project in her career.

“If I were to sum up what JLL can offer others, and how my career has been like here, it’d be about the world of opportunities. Coming from a completely different industry, I’m very thankful that it’s not a limiting factor here and that anything is possible as long as you bring the right attitude.”

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