Ratanawalee Pisanporn, Manager, Office Leasing

"A typical workday usually means I would spend over eight hours a day with my colleagues. There's no way I'd have stayed six years if not for the amazing people I work with and the friendships I've formed." Ratanawalee Pisanporn (Ratt), Office Leasing Manager from JLL Thailand speaks fondly of her team as we open the interview.

Having studied real estate for her Bachelor's degree, she had always known she wanted to pursue a career with a big industry player right after graduation. However, she admits what was more important are the soft skills required when facing a diversified group of clients – a typical day involves meeting a number of potential occupiers, building agents, as well as researching for the best deals for her clients.​

"With so many projects happening at the same time, it's really helpful to be in a team that gives and helps with no strings attached. For example, residential clients and commercial clients tend to have varying levels of emotional attachments to their projects. So it's important for us to share our knowledge to help each other understand our clients better. Everyone knows something but nobody knows everything."

Ratt's proudest accomplishment in JLL to date is a project where she had to spot future market trends in the market to convince her clients to locate to properties that would make the most financial sense. It was challenging as a lot of research and persuasion had to go into the deal, but it was through this that she realized how important it is to have an open and inclusive team supporting each other.

"My team isn't here to fight for deals or steal a slice of someone else's pie. We actually help out and have feedback sessions to find the best way to come up with solutions. It's important to us that we respect each other and take all perspectives into consideration. We are after all in client-facing roles and having frank discussions helps us to understand our clients' situations completely." Ratt says.

In fact, the team is so close that they gather regularly outside of work - going for dinners, weekly runs, and even taking overseas trips together! ​

She recalls with great nostalgia a trip they took together to Japan. There, they met up with our Japanese colleagues, who recommended attractions, restaurants, and even brought them on learning journeys. "It was such an eye-opening trip. I wouldn't have known how high-tech the Japanese buildings are if my colleagues didn't specially bring us there. It was a leisure trip but we all managed to bring back useful learning points, and subsequently shared these valuable information with our clients." She says.

In fact, she says she will always remember the trip because it showed her what it meant to be part of such a globally diverse yet culturally inclusive team.  

 "Being able to share and succeed across the desk, and across the globe – that's the most amazing thing about being with JLL." she sums up.




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