“It was people that attracted me to JLL, and it is still the people that make me stay.”

“While working with a dynamic network of clients to address a spectrum of needs and processes has been satisfying, what has enticed me to stay beyond my fourth year is the professional support and personal growth I’ve experienced within the company.”

As a Manager for Tenant Representatives in the Markets Department, Panji Aziz spends a huge part of his day speaking and interacting with regional clients to understand their individual needs and preferences. He also collaborates with various departments and teams on special projects.

His direct supervisor, department head and mentors from the mentoring program were key in this journey. “It’s a great encouragement when you have someone in management giving you advice on important matters like career experiences and people-skills. I know that there are footsteps I can follow and I will always have someone there I can turn to.” 

​As Panji’s role involves representing tenant interests, he has to balance a variety of stakeholders and clients. But the mentorship sessions had prepared him well to handle a wide variety of situations and personalities.


“I am an emotional person by nature; I used to take a very direct and confrontational approach when dealing with problems but that never worked out,” he explains. “I’m very thankful for my mentors from the mentoring program who took the time to guide me, to help me understand and strategize ways to deal with problems. These interpersonal skills have contributed greatly to my growth as a person and as a professional.”

Today, Panji enjoys working together with people from various backgrounds and different departments even if it means facing conflicting opinions. “I am able to appreciate different viewpoints more now. I believe it’s important to truly understand each other so we can collaborate to come to a win-win situation.”

“Whether I’m meeting a client in Singapore or in a conference call with someone in UK or USA, I’m able to be flexible, and I feel a deep sense of satisfaction serving my clients better. I look forward to the day I can pay it forward and be an inspiration to others the way my mentors were for me.”

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