Logeswaran Nadaraja, Senior Project Manager, PDS Singapore

We all look forward to the weekend – to rest, to relax, sleep in a little and spend some time unwinding with family and friends. But for Logeswaran, or Loges, as his friends call him, he looks forward to the weekend so that he can wake up at the crack of dawn to do what he loves most – being outdoors and at one with nature. “Spending time in the great outdoors and getting closer to nature heals my soul. I go off the beaten path in search of long and challenging hikes, mountains and trails to conquer. And that’s what keeps me going – it makes me feel like I can do anything and that nothing is so difficult or arduous that it can’t be overcome.”.

And he should know…he’s been toggling with various roles in facilities management and project management with JLL in Singapore for over seven years.

For Loges, the opportunity to work in both facilities management and project management was a chance to put two hats on and interact with colleagues and clients across different functions. The variety of projects he was involved with kept him challenged and even gave him the chance to work on an industry-leading project with a major client in Brunei for six months, which eventually turned into a two year stint there.

“Living and working in Brunei was great – it allowed me to use and hone my skills in project management in a totally different environment to one that I was used to. I had to learn to adapt to the culture and different ways of working, manage people and handle a very different pace of life – but I wouldn’t take back that experience for anything in the world. “

And that’s exactly the way Loges approaches things - be it in the workplace or in the office. What keeps him going is his constant zeal and energy in learning new things and constantly challenging himself – in the past few years he has scaled Mount Kinabalu, Mount Fuji and Mount Rinjani to name a few. He even organized a weekend trip to Gunung Datuk with his colleagues– a strenuous half-day hike through thick jungle in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

“In my role in project management at JLL, I constantly come across lots of surprises – and I like to think of my challenges on the trails and hikes the same way – you deal with it as it comes. You can’t predict these things but it’s about learning along the way, working with your team and adapting to changing circumstances to come out on top.”

And if conquering mountains isn’t enough of a challenge – Loges now has something else to conquer – the kitchen! “I’m learning to cook and bake because I’m constantly motivated to keep growing and developing as a person. There are so many opportunities available to me and it’s just about going out, seeing what’s out there and seizing it…and I’m really enjoying whipping up some delicious food in the kitchen!”

What’s next for this budding Masterchef? Fulfilling a lifelong ambition to Everest’s base camp in Nepal and of course, learning the secret to flaky, buttery perfection in his quest to bake a perfect pie crust. Best of luck Loges…for both endeavors!

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