Courtney Challis, Personal Assistant to the COO, Business support of markets, New Zealand

“If you had asked me about the ‘Property market’ before I started working at JLL, I would have only known about residential estates and the price of houses. Commercial property was something I never even knew existed.”

Yet, in just 2 years, Courtney moved from the Front-Of-House to being the Personal Assistant to the COO, as well as the Business Support for the Markets department. Coming from a background teaching summer camp and loving the outdoors, it seemed like Courtney Challis had to learn the ropes all over again.

“Although it did feel like I had the shorter end of the stick since I didn’t study real estate, I was able to quickly catch up thanks to the numerous resources JLL had. I was very pleasantly surprised to find huge investments in technologies such as the ‘MyDevelopment’ tool that hosts training modules – I could learn about rent review procedures, valuations, and even staff management tips! To me, it was proof that we have market-leading technology to help us develop necessary skills.”

All of this have tied in together to help her excel in her daily tasks – which includes looking into contracts, reviewing policies, and looking after 4 operations staff in New Zealand. She also prepares marketing materials, property listings, and drafts lease agreements. In a nutshell, she wears many hats.

And this passion for her work doesn’t stop at the workplace. Courtney is also actively involved in volunteering at the local Ronald McDonald House, which supports and houses families who face financial difficulties because of their children’s medical conditions. There, she and her team spend hours preparing and cooking for families, which she then writes in a blog to share the experience. Through this, she has managed to inspire more people to join in the charity work.

It is this unwavering support and betterment spirit of her team that keeps her going. “I was, and still am learning every day from colleagues who possess the industry know-how. In fact, they were the ones who inspired my interest in Commercial Property, and made me realize I wanted to grow in the real estate industry with a company that was great at what it did.

She is thankful for leaders who encourage and exemplify upskilling, and she sees it as a rite of passage so that everyone is individually great at what they do, and then flexible enough to learn other skills from other colleagues.

The result? Top-notch, borderless support.

“Due to the nature of our client-facing role, we are often required to respond as quickly as possible. This means having to draw knowledge efficiently across several business functions. The technology that we have in place actually allows our agents to do just that – deliver market-leading intelligence without even leaving the office or picking up the phone.”

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