Claire Suryadi, Leasing Manager, Integrated Facilities Management, Canberra

At JLL, grooming talent is serious business.

That’s why when Claire Suryadi was picked to be part of the ACT mentorship program, a director from her department made sure to allocate time specifically to build and develop Claire’s different skillsets.

“My mentor wanted to improve my public speaking skills, so she arranged for me to present a topic to an audience of about 20 people at one of our office events,” she says. “The familiar environment definitely helped improve my confidence, and I’ll be giving two more presentations next month which will further develop my confidence and skill set.”

The mentor is also working on getting Claire to shadow another employee who can help Claire gain a more well-rounded understanding of JLL’s business operations.

This is all part of a plan to raise her understanding of how different parts of the business work together –  a crucial aspect to learn as she looks to take on bigger leadership roles in future.  

Claire, along with other young talent drawn across JLL’s Asia-Pacific offices, was selected to participate in the annual JLL Step Up program last year. Over three days, these young talents gathered to learn more about the company and discussed their future as leaders.

In particular, leadership development is an area Claire is interested in as she had just been promoted to a managerial role early this year.

Her team of three, including herself, oversee the leasing of a total of 180 facilities, including offices, warehouses, and staff residences on behalf of the Australian Federal Police (AFP). They manage lease renewals and acquire new leases for the AFP to ensure the facilities are suitable for police operations and training.  It is indeed a heavy task for a small team – the trio handles an annual budget of around A$85 million.

But Claire is undaunted thanks to the strong support received from her mentor. She also makes it a point to pass any guidance she receives to her team members as well.

“We work quite closely together and are always able to bounce ideas off each other.This has helped us immensely in finding solutions to difficult problems”, she says, “Both of my team members are quite new to property leasing, but I am pleased with how quickly they have picked up the basic principles. The key has been providing them with adequate advice and training to allow them to learn and develop their confidence, as well as showing them where to find information,” she says.

Claire is looking forward to develop her leadership skills further by attending courses such as a Manager Excellence one conducted by JLL’s human resource department.

“I’m very encouraged that constant guidance, mentorship and grooming of the next generation is part of JLL’s culture,” says Claire. “It’s an environment where talented people can learn from and inspire each other.”

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