Angelica “Angie” Balignasay–Punzalan, Sr. Business Development Manager, Property and Asset Management, Philippines

Angelica, or Angie, as she prefers to go by, took the chance to grow with JLL. A year turned into two, then three and before she knew it, seven years have passed and she’s still as passionate and motivated about working at JLL as she was  when she first started.

“JLL has helped me a lot in getting me to where I am today, especially by providing great training and mentorship. All my managers at JLL have guided me in carving out my career, and I really owe so much to them.”

As a Senior Business Development Manager with the Property and Asset Management team based in Manila, Angie enjoys variety in her daily work – from meeting architects to contractors to interacting with clients and supply vendors – every day is different and allows her to network with a wide network of colleagues and clients. 

“Being given the opportunity to meet and work with renowned building owners, property developers, MNC’s and architects throughout the Philippines is a great privilege and honor. I’m really thankful for my managers who trust me, and give me the ownership to learn more about my clients, the industry and the marketplace.”

Angie finds that her wealth of experience gives her an excellent platform for discussions. In her role, the most exciting part is to be out  and about conducting dialogues with new contacts and forming solid, close relationships with clients. “My clients deserve the best service and if I have delivered that, I know I can go home satisfied knowing that I’ve built long-lasting and fulfilling relationships,” she says.

​And for this  supermum, that’s the same advice she imparts to her children. “I always tell my kids – wake up each day and live life to your best ability – be as happy as you can be, even if you face difficulties.” 

As a single mother to two young kids, she admits following her own advice can sometimes be challenging. “Juggling the demands of my career and personal life is an ongoing challenge especially if there are important school activities and client meetings at the same time. But I’m thankful for the understanding of my managers and the flexibility at JLL, allowing me to focus on my role as a mother and my career at the same time. It means a lot to me to be able to achieve work-life balance.”

Described as a jolly person by colleagues, Angie says that it may surprise people to know that she also enjoys her quiet time. “I look forward to some quiet and peaceful moments at the end of a long day at work and after putting my kids to sleep so that I can just take a moment to relax and enjoy my favorite hobby – sewing!” 

What’s next for Angie? “My long term goals involve growing professionally with JLL, continuing to learn and contributing as much value as I can while ensuring I bring up my kids in the best way I know how.”

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