AMIR SAUFI NOZIN, Analyst, Research & Consultancy, Kuala Lumpur

"From the moment I walked through JLL's door for my first interview, I knew this was where I wanted to belong. That was one year ago but it really feels like ten years have passed because of the extensive amount of knowledge, experience and relationships I have built in the last year."

For Amir Saufi Nozin, an analyst with JLL's Research and Consultancy team, every day is an opportunity to be inspired by the best and he gets huge satisfaction from solving some of the more complex problems that he encounters in his work.

"I started off with minimal knowledge on the real estate sector but I have gained familiarity thanks to the open communication between the team. When different problems or situations arise, we are encouraged to debate on the best solutions, thus allowing all of us to learn from each other. I relish that aspect of the job because it keeps me on my toes and makes every day interesting."

One of the things that stand out most to Amir is the culture of employee empowerment. "My supervisor, my team members and the senior management contribute greatly to my learning journey. They never tell me what I should do, and instead, asks for my thoughts. I've realized that this way of coaching helps develop my strengths and better shape my thought processes as I work through various issues at work."

In his first few months, Amir did in fact face his fair share of challenges the real estate industry was new to him. "It was quite overwhelming but luckily, I had a world-class team of colleagues to turn to for help. Having more experience means they were able to guide me on specific processes, like managing my time and workload so that I can deliver to our clients and stakeholders on time."

Amir looks upon these challenges as part and parcel of his role. In fact, he considers them as memorable and impactful because after all, according to him, "experience is the best teacher." And it is exactly this which keeps him motivated and gets him going. "Staying positive about what I am going to learn next motivates me every single day; from the moment I wake up – refreshed and ready for another positive day of learning."

Amir credits a former teacher for shaping his positive outlook on life. "She's a science and mathematics teacher with a passion for poetry and a love for language. To observe someone so proficient in algebra, Pythagoras theorem or all of Newton's law but also speak so eloquently about Shakespeare, Keating and Blake was eye-opening and showed me how I can be all-rounded too, in everything I do."

And all-rounded he is – when he's not tapping away furiously on his keyboard preparing and writing research publications or solving complex problems, Amir is busy gathering like-minded colleagues to discover nature trails in and around Kuala Lumpur to spot various wildlife and rare plants. "I'm an avid hiker and mountaineer and love spending time outdoors. After a long and hard day stuck in meeting rooms, it's great to just be out in the fresh air, be surrounded by trees and bond with my colleagues."

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