Akash Datta, Vice-President, Hotels and Hospitality, India

“If you’re looking to keep exploring possibilities, JLL is the place. There’s an entrepreneurial spirit here that demands your creativity – we always believe you can make mistakes, you just can’t be afraid to learn from them.”

Akash Datta, a member of our India Hotels and Hospitality team, opens our chat with some life-changing advice, recounting his best moments with the company and the mentality he believes one needs to do well.

When he joined JLL in 2015, our Hotels and Hospitality team in India undertook only advisory work with limited success in building a brokerage business. That meant Akash and his team had lots of new research to do, and had to go full speed ahead with some faith, trust, and pixie dust.

Today, their team of seven have built up a strong track record from scratch – providing an extensive range of services, including brokerage and advisory, for some of the biggest hotels in India.

“To be the first team to successfully venture into this complex but exciting area has taught me so many things about JLL. At that point, having been here only less than a year and yet given this kind of huge opportunity, made me realize how tangible the sense of support was from the company, my line manager and my team members.” He says.

“The freedom to be creative in the work I do has enabled me to fully understand the entire spectrum of the hospitality sector, and in turn become an all-encompassing advisor to my clients. This is very important to me; not working in silos means we can better appreciate our colleagues’ work, extend help when needed, and discover more possibilities.”

And as we speak, it’s hard to miss how genuinely happy he is about being part of a start-up culture in a multinational corporation and a supportive team.

Akash couldn’t be happier that he can delve into the full range of investment, advisory, operational and management strategies for our clients' hotels and hospitality assets. “I love the innovative spirit here and the confidence that anything is possible.”

He believes this is an important trait that will always set JLL apart.

“With an entrepreneurial spirit and open mind, we have to make the most of every opportunity – in our careers, for our clients and for our business.”



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